Wireless Microphone for Karaoke- The basics

It’s useless to get a professional karaoke machine and pay less for all the other components. No matter how great your karaoke machine, you might get disappointed with its performances, when it’s not even because of the machine, but because of a good microphone.There are many models of microphones out there and you need to know a beetlabslittle before settling with a specific model. The more you want from your microphone, the more you have to expect to pay, though. Have a look at Beetlabs’ choice of the top few wireless mics.


Why go wireless?

It’s quite obvious that in most cases, the wired microphone is cheaper than a wireless one. If you are doing karaoke just for fun, once a month, a wired microphone can get you where you want. If you want to take the singing to the next level though, you have to go for a high end microphone as it has great audio pick-up.

The main downside of a wired microphone is that…you always you need to pay attention to the wire, unless you are ready to take a trip and fall on your nose in the middle of your performance. Let’s not to mention that you do end up stepping on the wire which stresses it and this lowers the audio pick quality in time.

So, this is the moment when the wireless microphone steps into the picture as a better option when it comes to moving freely when Karaoke singing. Of course, you need to remain within the transmitter’s range of course while you are singing, but you don’t step or get tangled with the wires. And, you can easily pass the microphone around for anyone else interested. Let’s not forget that you don’t have any more cabling problem when doing a karaoke singing anymore.

Wireless microphone also comes with a downside and its main flaw is that you need to stock on batteries as power runs out sooner or later. When using a wireless microphone there is also the risk of interference with other wireless microphones and radio transmitters. Brace yourself also on the money you need to pay on a wireless microphone as even the low end models are more expensive than the wired ones.

And don’t worry about the feedback noise when there is signal loss. Many wired microphones come with a noise filter technology and they cancel out the noise. Go for a mic with battery power indicator also so that you can eliminate the stress of suddenly not singing…

What counts on a wireless microphone?

When you try to choose a wireless microphone, pay attention to its frequency response. Best microphones for karaoke are those with frequency response that can pick up perfectly male and female vocals. Get a lightweight mic with a range of 100 to 12,000Hz.

And, if you are a woman that wants a personal microphone, it’s better to have one with a high frequency response range as most women have voices higher than men. And, it makes sense that men should use low range frequency microphones.

If we talk about the directionality on the microphone, there are two main types: omnidirectional mic and orchestra and the unidirectional mic. For choral groups and orchestra, the formal one is the best choice, whereas the latter is best for karaoke as it captures sound from one direction.

When we talk prices, the more you are willing to pay, the better quality you need to expect as it has less feedback and higher sound quality. The best microphone for your home use is the one that is easy and fun to use and is long lasting just as well.

Final consideration

The variety of wireless microphones is quite big and you can choose a handheld, a headset or lavaliers also.

The more antennas for your transmitter, the stronger the signal, so less risks for dropouts.

As you can see, there are several things to consider when making the decision and knowing exactly what you want/need is the first step in having the perfect wireless microphone for your karaoke nights.


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