Reflective, Melancholy, and Raw is how to describe Singer/Songwriter Gabrielle Dawn. “Music like this makes you want to look into a mirror and deeply look within yourself” Through her introspective lyrics and raw voice you truly enter the self-reflective void of Gabrielle.


    Joelina better known by her stage name, "Gabrielle Dawn" grew up in the city of angels, Gabrielle drew most of her inspirations from the experimental DIY Rock scene in Los Angeles. Working with different artists around her local music scene she found herself making her own acoustic bed room demos, which led her to strive for a career in music. Her band The Wig Room, a garage rock band described as if Sonic Youth and The Pixies had a baby, is a major influence on her current music ventures, they have recently released their first single Hivemind on Big Boy Collective, The Border Kindness Complication, that is out now on Bandcamp and cassette, all profits made on this Complication go directly to the border Kindness Charity Organization.


     Gabrielle is currently working on her first EP consisting of her own originals and covers. Her side project The Wig Room is also working on their first full length album set to be released next year.  




             EP Coming Soon...

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